Dazzled and Enchanted – New Age Animamix –
Animamix Biennial 2009-2010
Guangdong Museum of Art

January 22nd 2010 – February 28th  2010

Artistic Director: Victoria Lu

Curator: HUANG Yun, ZHANG Jiaping

Late last year, the first of the four exhibitions of the 2nd Animamix Biennial opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei. The Biennial now continues with three different exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary art in Shanghai, the Today Art Museum in Beijing and the Guangdong Museum of Art in Guangzhou.  Nearly 300 artists from more than 30 nations have been invited to participate in the Biennial.
Although the Guangzhou-based artist and curator Huang Yihan began speaking of an art movement known as the “Cartoon Generation” as early as 1992, it was not until 2004, when Victoria Lu curated Fiction.Love at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei, that a conceptual framework for the new aesthetics of animation (Animamix) came to be formulated. Victoria Lu sees the Cartoon Generation as the Asian origin of Animamix. Seeing this exhibition as an opportunity to look back on history and hoping to revise our understanding of the Cartoon Generation, the curatorial team for Dazzled and Enchanted – New Age Animamix has specially invited a number of artists from the Guangzhou region to show their works in this exhibition. This exhibition investigates the particular qualities of the art produced as Animamix aesthetics developed between the time of the Cartoon Generation and today. Too, the exhibition shows that the Cartoon Generation should be seen as a highlight of the history of the cultural and creative industries in the Guangdong region.
In 2006, when Victoria Lu curated the second version of  Fiction @ Love at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, she coined the term “Animamix” (“animation” + “comics”) to describe this new trend in artistic production that she had been following for several years. “Animamix” works are characterized by the following four traits: 1) their worship of youth and idealized youthful beauty; 2) the richness of their narrative texts; 3) their interest in the colorful light of animation; and 4) their notion of a practical aesthetics and their adherence to high production values derived from the animation and comics industries.
The artists whom Victoria Lu sees as Animamix artists are not people who simply work in the animation or comics industries; similarly, the term “Animamix art” does not necessarily refer to animation or comics themselves. Whereas the Pop artists of the previous century simply appropriated visual symbols from animation and comics, Animamix artists have created a visual language that is itself an original form of art. Animamix has already become an important source of inspiration for the creative industries of the twenty-first century.
This new art form registers the power of human creativity in realms both real and fictional. Animamix works take almost infinite forms, even including items related to the most basic necessities of daily life-food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. The works included in this exhibition of the 2nd Animamix Biennial create a new category of the aesthetics of daily life appropriate to this young century. In this era, the division between high art and low art no longer exists.

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